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Study the performance record closely to get used to the style. This is a SYSTEM to be run over time not a quick fix money gimmick.  You must be able to stick to a long term plan if you want to join this service.  If you are desperate for money now do not join this Forex signal service or any signal service for that matter. Also understand that if you are inspired to join now because you saw or just missed out on some big moves in Forex that you are joining by emotion, and right perfectly into a slow period, most likely.   If you join during a boring time you are more likely to be joining at a good time for starting off into a winning streak.  Overall, you should not even be trying to time the signals.   You should be looking for a serious and long term solution that you look to ‘mindlessly’ and mechanically run, a system, to put you in position to net out potential profits from the Forex marketers. You’ll see that there are varying periods of gain, loss, and treading water.  This is the characteristic of the system.  Unfortunately, human nature with signal services wants us to make a fortune with 110% winning now.  Unfortunately again, that human flaw causes us to lose money and prevents us from making money over time.  So we need to get rid of that mentality.  In short, you need to understand that this is a longer term plan. In order to be successful with our Forex Trading Signals you will need to have a 12 month time horizon – 12 months of consistency.  We should be charging an annal fee only.  If you can’t stick to the plan ‘hell or highwater’ as the saying goes – don’t join! We make no guarantees of future performance.  We do not try to optimize the signals.  We don’t even think about what trade is better than the other.  All we do is execute and email you the signal when we see one.  We know that this puts us, you in the best position for the most success due to our trading and investing experience of over 27 years. If you are looking to trade different or more pairs – purchase the system!  We are selling the system!   Frankly, I would rather have the system since I would be more in control and trust my self to make sure I’m hitting the signals right.   But then again, if you’re not an experienced trader, it is good to have the system and the signals to give you a boost in getting you started onto the right track, getting you in the groove, keeping you in the game…   Forex Trading Signals   OX6.5 Systems Results Track Record:  These are the system’s triggers results:  entries, stop losses and exits.  This means that if you would have followed the systems rules you could have had similar results over the period of time sampled below:

EURUSD         GBPJPY        
304 2011       2011 222      
823           -58      
202           108      
254           -45      
177           98      
178           388      
365           233      
105           1000 1000 PIP RULE    
268   W 22     -134      
688   L 4     567   W 22
-133   T 26     411   L 5
368   W% 84.62%     97   T 27
187           114   W% 81.48%
546           33      
-154           -208      
-38           118      
925           19      
162           -144      
588           310      
429           224      
-168           406      
158           297      
39           46      
254           301      
4           201      
209  Dec 2011         68      
6740 Pips Total           145      
            98  Dec 2011    
            4915 Pips Total      


507 Jan-12         11 Jan-12
59         10.91 1091  
144         -110 -110  
174           -198  
143           256  
-86           287  
-36           945  
677           308  
-44           -144   Mid June
-98           2446   Pips Total
21   Mid June            
1461   Pips Total          

It is Very Important You Read the Terms Before Purchasing.  Do Not Purchase Unless You Agree with These Terms.  All System and Strategy Sales are Final for the Protection of the Integrity of the System and Previous Customers.  Do not purchase this system unless you can take the risk.  By submitting, I agree To the Terms Below: I accept:

 To get started simply register below.   There are no refunds but you can cancel at any time.  The price is $497/mo only $297/mo  for a limited time.  But if you can’t handle committing for the long term, please don’t sign up, you’ll be wasting your time.


Forex Trading Signals