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Introducing… STACKERS Forex Trading System for Net Worth Building and Pip STACKING Over Time

See the Historical Result Averaged for Every Trade Placed Netting Profits and Losses – See Performance Below for more Information.

EURUSD = 355 Pips Averaged for Each Trade Placed GBPJPY = 457.4 Pips Averaged for Each Trade Placed! GBPUSD = 478.05 Pips Averaged for Each Trade Placed! USDCAD = 545.69 Pips Averaged for Each Trade Placed! (2009-2011)

USDCAD 9,048
GBPJPY 17,520
GBPUSD 13,787
Subtotals 48,592
Pips Net Profit –
Pocketable Profit and


“Is This IT?
Is this finally a way of trading you’ve
been looking for in Forex? Do you like the concept of “Net Worth” building with Forex? I would seriously make some time to consider it. The wealthy make plans and plan well ahead. Those were not wealthy Live by the whim of the moment.”

We think you are going to like our Forex Trading System. Here’s why:

  1. It’s STACKERS!! That’s really enough said if you are familiar with the STACKERS Trading phenomenon. But you may not be familiar with the POWERFUL STACKERS Concept. You’ll find out soon!We Are Going to Show You What to Do in Real Time, Day by Day Where to Get in and Get Out! You are Going to Trade Along With Us. (Well only the few we accept to this program)
  2. These is a Pure, Powerful Trading System that Has Stood the Test of Time Provided MANUALLY by Professional Forex Traders Served to You on a Silver Platter – Set it and Forget it! (
  3. If you are looking for more of a net worth builder system, more longer term plays that go for specifically large price ranges then STACKERS Forex is your new Forex trading system.

“It Would Be A Foolish Move to Not Keep Trading the System Trade Signals for the Rest of Your Life!”

Just Say NO to ‘Forex Robots’ – Bad Robot! Have you made money with a commercially sold”Forex robot”? Probably not that’s probably why you’re here– You’re looking for something real I.

Please read the entire page! Wait – Watch this cool video too!

Yes, yes I know. You’ve seen all the Bullloney before. Blah blah blah. “You can Make this make that”. I hear you. I know what you’re thinking. So the question is: what makes us different? Or as I like to say: What makes us the best thing since ‘sliced bread’ for your trading in Forex?

In Short:

Me and Chris K.

That’s what makes us different. A literal trading dynamic duo. Yeah we’re a little high on ourselves. I like to call it being FACTUAL.

The trades are pretty much set and forget and get out at the limit profit taking order. So there is no reason whatsoever for you to not be using these signals. For so little effort and so much potential and probability you will potentially lose out on tremendous income opportunity to the point of potential financial freedom – simply by paying attention a few minutes a week.
** Time Sensitive Information – Read Immediately **

From: Tony Vachelli with Chris Kunnundro In my trading ‘cave’…

Dear Struggling Forex Trader,

…Or Successful Forex Trader who wouldn’t mind a ‘hook up’ for some seriously good trades.

And especially to someone who has gotten wiped out trading ‘Forex Robots’…

You’re about to learn a cold hard truth about Forex trading…

It may upset you. It may really tick you off.

Once you find out how the STACKERS Forex system has been black and white factually pulling in Averaged of 300 pips to 500 pips for every single trade placed you’re going to wish you never even heard of a ‘Forex Robot’.

I know right now that what I have to say may shock you. But I promise you that you will be happy with the results after becoming a STACKERS Forex member. That what I think. That’s what I KNOW.

A whole new world of Forex trading is about to be unveiled but only if you qualify. Only if you want it bad enough. Only if you want to WIN. Because only winners can recognize a good thing and act on it.

Are you ready?

Can Making Money from Forex Actually be Easy?

Easy? no. Simple yes. It’s not easy for most because most think they need to work 8 to 10 hours a day to make money. It’s not easy because most think that if something is simple that it’s just to simple and can’t be. Trading excellently is not complicated. We only tend to make things complicated through our emotions, emotions of doubts, fear, c Iomplacency or even over elation.

Wealthy people do not become and stay wealthy by working hard, ‘grinding’ it out. No. Doing so would cause stress and stress cause you to sabotage in order to get out of that harmful stress.

The wealthy don’t grind things out. They just do simple, and many of the time, obvious things that net results.

STACKERS Forex Trading system gives you a way A blueprint that has proven itself solid overtime as a Forex trading System.

You see in trading, usually the harder you work, the worse you do. It’s a really neat thing, Yes… You’re just going to have to deal with the fact that making big money in Forex trading is really simple and takes very little time. Frankly, I struggled with that concept for a while. I felt guilty making so much money with so little work. But I paid the price by learning, study and experience so those to get educated can succeed in today’s world.
Forex Trading has once again become simple, exciting and potentially extremely profitable. Oh, and did I mention low stress?

You may know by now that stressful trading really stinks. Who wants to watch the markets all day and even night in Forex. Our Forex system forces you to trade smarter – it forces you to think different about the Forex markets, to approach trading in a much smarter way.

I know a bunch of you out there are stressed out. You’re not enjoying Forex trading anymore. Well that shouldn’t be. Forex trading is really awesome and fun and I want to get that back to you today by offering you the possibility of membership, getting mentored by me.

You may think that a ‘Forex trading robot’ gives you low stress… but that just means you haven’t run one. Its so much easier to trade a Forex system, it’s much more exciting too because manually trading a system keeps you in the game! You get to see what’s going on; you get to see the the trade develop I. You can have more control over your money vs. an ‘expert advisor’ that one day gets you in a bunch of trades that go bad, wiping out your account.


STACKERS Forex is so Simple to do that you could train a 5th grader to it.

It’s even low stress in terms of trading activity. It’s only one to two trades a month depending on the Forex pair.

We give you the entrance and stop loss. PLUS we give you the profit target order ahead of time so you don’t even need to watch the position.


If You Are Running a Forex Robot and Think it Takes No Work I Guarantee You that STACKERS Forex is Much Easier.

So you think running a Forex Robot is ‘automated’ huh?

Dream on! Think about it. How long will a computer run before it gets all clogged up and you have to restart it? How do you really know the Forex trading robot is going to perform just like historical results (if those are even real).

You’re going to let some random software program manage your money?

How accurate are the historical test results??

How do you know you set the right parameters for your expert advisor? Would you mind if the Robot gets on a losing streak that wipes out 90% of your account because you are not watching? How do you know the risk parameters are actually set correctly on your Forex expert advisor? And this is all assuming that your Metatrader4 did not crash on you again.

What if you set your position sizing too big and your “robot” goes on a bad streak?

Yup. Poof. There goes your trading account. But wait, at least it was all done automatically right? (sarcasm intended)

And it all sounded so good… “They said that Forex robot would never lose!”

Bad robot!


When you use the utmost in professional trading standard you get a situation where trading for a living becomes a very probable reality.

Once you get a steady stream of solid trading signals I bet your job is a lot harder than collecting hundreds of pips per trade ever month in Forex.

Hey, let me ask you something… Have you ever entertained the thought of trading for a living? I mean really. Trade for a living and treat it as a serious business. Is it possible?

Yes it is! Of course it’s possible to trade for a living. But you need to know a few secrets that will enable you to do so, to grow your account vs. taking one step forward then 2 steps back.

I mean really, think about how serious you take your job? Ok that may be a loaded question for some of you… Let’s put it this way, Think about how serious your boss wants you to take your job.

Now what if you applied even 1/10th of that serious into trading Forex??

You see, the problem is that people just don’t want to take trading seriously. For some reason most just want to treat trading as a silly little game. How unfortunate! Because with just a few tweaks and some practice (and some help of someone giving you the exact deals when to get in and out as we are today) you can actually trade for a living and potentially make a fortune.

You’re going to need a system and a method. Then you are going to have to learn secret strategy money management techniques. Then most will need mentorship to help you stick to the system. Because it’s very easy to get distracted these days. But if you don’t focus you’ll never win. That’s why your membership to STACKERS Forex is so important.

Lucky for you today – we are simply going to give you some of the best trading signals around. We’re going to tell you where and when to get in and out. It’s so easy an ape could do it – ok, then maybe someone who acts like an ape could do it.

Then, when you have your attitude right on winning in Forex the rest follows, almost magically.

You’ll find your trading system, your way of trading.

You see you need to really WANT (like, really) to profit and you really WANT a certain amount of massive profits. (Read “The Secret” and other laws of attraction materials because laws of attraction are huge in trading! Trading is super sensitive to what you really, really want. Don’t ask me why. It just is that way and i’m telling you from over 20 years of trading experience.)


This Amazing Forex Discovery Left Me Numb Once I Found this Incredible Secret to the Forex Markets.

For most of you, the best way to make money trading is to have:

  • High percentage winners so you won’t go crazy taking too many little losses
  • Have large point gains
  • Have a system that provides a set and forget approach – set the trade and let it happen
  • And most importantly – a way of trading that is actually fun and doesn’t stress you out.
  • A method of trading that includes a good money management system that allows you to make, keep and STACK your profits one on top of the other, on top of the other, on top of the other.
  • An ‘edge’ in the market place that provides something special, a chart price event so special that the market place just can’t seem to help it’s self from doing over and over. So we can hop in and take advantage

When I discovered this secret in Forex I knew I was RETIRED.

You saw all the examples above right? 34,486 Pips Profit. And now you see that this 34,486 pips profit traded on only 1 contract on for 4 pairs turns $4,000 of margin into a LAID BACK $344,486.00. We just want to give the perspective of Forex and STACKERS mixed together. .

But who’s just trading one contract all the time (try 10 at least…)

So now here you could have pocketed on 10 contracts per trade $3,448,600.00 PROFIT if you would have traded 10 Contracts per trade.

But here is the money management perfection model again. Actually look out our performance explained. You’ll like this video:

$10,000 ACCOUNT WITH 5% POSITION SIZES – EURUSDAn Picture of what happens at a particular 355 pip profit Averaged per trade. (based on 100:1 margin) That doesn’t mean that every trade wins but some trades win big, ok a lot of trades win big… Check it out:

With the percentage model vs. a strict contract position you get a correct form of compounding, correct for leveraged instruments such as Forex pairs.

Notice that in this model one would take all the trades. If one starts upon a few losing trades in a row the set back proves to not be difficult in past performance using 5% or less position sizes (unless you didn’t put in your stop loss.


You see you’ll want to trade a fractional percent each time.
This is REALLY how you do it.

18 Trades over 15 Months Averaged Profit Per Trade = 355
$10,000 Start Account 5% Re- Next 5 Account 5% Re- Account 5% Re-
5 trades Value Evaluated 10 trades Value Evaluated 15 trades Value Evaluated
$8,875.00 $18,875.00 $943.75 $15,975.00 $34,850.00 $1,742.50 $30,175.00 $65,025.00 $3,251.25
Per position Per position Per position Per position
Or .5 Or .9 Or 1.7 3.2
Contract Contract Contracts Contracts
OK Let’s add another pair How about the GBPJPY
The current Averaged profit on GBPJPY is 457 Pips Profit for Every Single System Trade Placed
$10,000 Start Account 5% Re- Next 5 Account 5% Re Account 5% Re-
5 trades Value Evaluated 10 trades Value Evaluated 15 trades Value Evaluated
$11,425.00 $21,425.00 $1,071.25 $22,850.00 $44,275.00 $2,213.75 $45,700.00 $89,975.00 $4,498.75
Per position Per position Per position
Or 1 Or 2 Or 4
Contract Contracts Contracts
SUBTOTALS: $155,000.00
Profit In 15 Trades taking 5% risk position sizing Trading just two Forex Pairs So in this example we were trading Two Pairs at once ONLY!



EURUSD = 300 Pips Averaged for Each Trade Placed!

GBPJPY = 365 Pips Averaged for Each Trade Placed!

GBPUSD = 418 Pips Averaged for Each Trade Placed!

USDCAD = 517 Pips Averaged for Each Trade Placed!

Those results were from 2009-2011 (and did not even include 2008 since 2008 was so amazing and profitable we did not include those results since did not want you to get overly excited). Market slowed Down in 2012 and 2013 although they picked up into 2014-2015 some. The Forex markets when you study back decades of price action cycle over and over between fast and slow markets. The trick is to not worry about it and simply take all the trades.

Net Pipage
EURUSD 12,007 Pips
USDCAD 9,301 Pips
GBPJPY 19,322 Pips
GBPUSD 16,307 Pips
Subtotals 56,938 Pips Net Profit – Pocketable Profit and counting…
In Just Under 3 Years of Trading Systems Results 2008 January to December 2010
Performance explained:STACKERS Forex is a Forex Net Worth building program. Trades can take up to 3 months or even longer. Sometimes they can cash out within 2 weeks or even a week.We aim to take out large RANGES – 1,000 pip ranges per trade (although sometimes we may only get 1/2 of that range depending on what the market gives us.) But the goal is 1000 pips for each trad!Different pairs perform better than others at different times although the GBPJPY can hit it’s target more easily when compared to the other pairs when the market is slower.

If you are looking for a quick cash fix or if you simply need to win all the time due to sensitive emotional issues, this system, any service or any system is not for you. If you’re just doing trading for the thrills than maybe trading Forex is probably not for you. As strange as it may sound, if you look for more boring trading you’ll tend to be more profitable. The big money in Forex or other trading measurements is in the swing in and the medium-term trends. If you can expand your Time horizons more versus trying to make money every second you could potentially find a lot more profitability.

That said we now have the STACKERSFX3.1 – CASHFLOWFX system to augment this system or more active cash flow.

This is a real trading system and we do not shy away from being one. We have learned much over the years and one thing we’ve learned is to not expect to win all the time and win immediately. We’ve also learned to develop trading systems that can last the test of time and net out and grow over time. We can only take what the markets give us and you can be assured that we all certainly want to be there when the market is giving – that’s why we develop trading systems – to take care of this.

Obviously STACKERSFX Will be able to collect more pips in a faster market versus a slower market. But as you study currency pairs over time you’ll notice that there are cycling periods of fast price action versus slow-price action. And just when you think things are really boring the market takes often starts moving fast again so it’s best not to try and guess the fast versus slow times, It’s best just to take all the trades do not worry about it.

For example in 2012 – 2013 the average profit per trade slowed to 197 pips per trade on the GBPJPY but then started picking up again in 2014. But you better be ready. The world is poised to be more volatile than ever and that often translates into the currencies. So the time to strike, get started with STACKERSFX is now!


-283 -165
921 Aug-09 329
622 458
-287 438
931 -128
624 -136
804 770 May 17 2009
-289 30
835 812
-217 -290
682 706
763 836
914 9-Apr 722
-497 593
-49 860
897 -295
486 718
801 -123
-451 967
701 -261
711 1/5/2009 -92
621 -213
905 -239
710 12-Nov 899 1/1/08
-739 407 9/1/09
586 856
658 -178
604 905
505 884
657 880
-653 -266
-506 683
-660 -153
861 -186
876 892
-189 -197
-94 -175
612 -179
867 -167
484 808 12/1/10
-199 Jan 1 2008 12007 Pips Profit!
874 Sep-09
-312 Dec-10
19322 Pips Profit!
908 902 6/2/2009
917 5/1/09 -187
741 723
575 -346
877 -217
-359 580
915 828
-280 718
629 969
942 528
623 590
834 521
839 725
-158 Jan 2008 Start 836
-186 9/1/09 825
907 846
-211 926
787 12/1/10 -87
9301 Pips Profit! -127 1/1/2009
-187 Sep-09
1464 Dec-10
16307 Pips Profit!

When I discovered this amazing technique I felt like I was a gold digger back in California 1876 who struck a major vein of GOLD!

I literally found the PERFECT trading system and I’m sharing it with you. Folks, I’m giving you my EXACT magical STACKERS Forex System.

Do you see what you are about to sign up for? You are looking at very real potential financial freedom:

Here’s why…

  • This system is not fake or exaggerated.
  • The Forex system signals are So EASY to trade. It is literally ‘Set and Forget’. You even get a very specific profit exit target.
  • We give you the money management magical system that can make it all work so you also won’t blunder and blow out your account on improper position sizing. Trade like the top multi millionaire professionals!
  • Realistically put your self in a position to trade for a living and potentially replace your income by many fold.
  • This is a limited time membership. We will cut off members at whim. We make huge amounts more in the markets than our trading signals site. (we just do this because it helps us stay very organized and on our toes)

Most Forex Traders Are Lost in a Sea of Trading Systems Most of Which are Simply a Waste of Time – But Not You Anymore!

Oh my. There must be now thousands of time and money wasting Forex systems flippantly touted in the Forex marketplace floating around out there.

Wouldn’t it be great if you simply had ONE way to profit from the Forex?

Wouldn’t be great if you had professional traders lead you by the hand and show you exactly what to do to become successful in Forex?

Of course it would. Just imagine if we can at least get you trading with proper money management! Money management is really the secret key! It may make things seem slow at first but you will soon hit critical mass with good money management and your account will start to explode with growth.

And for a very limited time, I’m unleashing it on the public…



Become an instant Forex Professional Trading Smart Forex Trading . . .

Potential fantastic results all derived from ‘set and forget STACKERS Forex trading which is far less stressful and far more potentially profitable that most ‘Forex Robots’.

Take control of your financial future and do it right!

Let me put this in a different way…

You’re DONE! You don’t need to look or fool around with any other Forex system or signal service because you now have STACKERS Forex Trading if you are looking to build potential net worth from the highly leveraged Forex market.

We give you training on how to trade the STACKERS Forex system.
It should take you only a couple hours flat to ‘figure’ out. Then the secret key is to make a habit of simply doing the system signals when you see them – for the rest of your life – (and you’ll certainly want to as you see you account grow. Plus this takes very little monitoring and is just about ‘set and forget’ because you get an actual profit target with this system.
Just imagine if you could have even 1/10th of what you see in the above examples for an extra income stream.
I forgot to mention – STACKERS Forex will probably take you 10 minutes a few times a MONTH. Yeah that’s right. Unless we give a rare early profit exit (very rare) it’s set and forget folks. Yes but you must treat those 10 minutes to 30 minutes with utmost seriousness.
Eventually…Imagine being able to wake up whenever you want.Go to sleep whenever you want.Travel, go anywhere whenever you want.Potentially get your spouse off your back for not making enough money!!Imagine if you became a winner, no longer a loser (hint: don’t tell them your secret – that you get your Forex trading signals from STACKERS Forex. Just smile and accept that they think you’re a genius! ;-)Raise your self esteem.Have so much cash that you don’t know what to do with it!And actually learn how to become a professional Forex trader who actually knows how to use correct money management! Go figure!Just imagine being able to create your own income from pretty much ‘thin air’ which you can do in trading!

Hey Forget Depending on the Economy! Be Able to Ride the Forex Markets Up Down or Sideways – Be Your Own Boss! Work from Home!

What people tend to forget is that the ‘job’ market changes with trends and times. Even the most ‘stable’ professions are in danger of being replaced by advances in technology.

Why put your self in a position to be a job chaser? Did you know having a job is just one step up from actual slavery?

Learn to become a ‘master of your own domain’:

Equip your self with the best. STACKERS Forex literally hands you the exact trades. ALL You need to do is COPY and PROFIT!
Fly ahead of those Robot Chasers. Yuck how depressing.
Trade a new, totally revolutionary low stress way with actual, real and probably price targets.
Become a genius to your friends
Start to feel smart about your own trading.
Set up your own trading company based on these trade signals. Systematically grow your company with percentage based trading positions.
Take a deep breath and SMELL financial freedom waiting out there fore you
Inquire about the possibility of our Home Study Course where you can actually learn exactly how to trade STACKERS Forex.

“That’s All Great…But
How Much Will It Cost Me?”


$2,997.00 Now Only $997 for a Limited Time . Get started with this powerful system that is proven itself overtime. This is now an indispensable method of trading that you should at least look too employing A minimal amount to start. Then look to use the system to potentially build and compound network over time. Because if you don’t start on some plan you’ll never get anywhere future. And every day you let go by without compounding profits costs you potential astronomical fortunes in the future. Just ask Warren Buffett.


GBPJPY 17,520 Pips
GBPUSD 13,787 Pips
GOLD Level 31,307 Pips
Subtotals 48,592 Pips Net Profit Systems Results and counting…