“The Perfect Forex Trading System” – OX6.5 – Gives You Utter Control, with High Winning Percentages and Loads of Pips While Being Able to Trade ANY Forex Trading Market Conditions!


Worried about stodgy, choppy price action? Well you don’t have to any more.

Yes sometimes the Forex markets are just not moving very well. When a Forex pair gets stodgy, choppy, consolidative in price action most systems fall apart or at least struggle. Not OX6.5. You’ll actually have a trading system to trade in all market condition.

Capture the Big Moves as well!

Capture little moves.

Trades consolidation periods! Yes it does so very well while taking your right into a consolidation breakout.

OX6.5 is 14 years in the making, development, evolution…! Look. With trading systems NEW is not NOT better necessarily! You want OLD systems, systems that have proven themselves over time.What you get with OX6.5:

  • You get a home study course of videos and PDFs. This is not software or a ‘robot’ – or any nonsense like that.
  • This is a top of the line Forex Trading System, arguably one of the best there is
  • This is very real, not an optimized gimmick. This system is developed off of the “Trading for a Good Living” philosophy which is designed to stand the test of time, on purpose.
  • The system trades in under 10 minutes a day. It’s not a day trading system it’s a “price corralling” system that trades the extreme of price moments and follows through swings and power trends in a very unique way. You are trading day bars in other words and do not need to watch the market all day.
  • The system is arguably one of the most solid and most powerful Forex trading system on the planet, really.
  • No indicators are used. You just need your real time charts and a Forex broker.
  • This is a TRADING SYSTEM. This means that “thinking” has already been prefigured for you. All you need to do is operate the system rules. Simply do the deals and don’t try to “optimize” the system. Keep your money management position sizes.
  • Learning curve? 2 Hours of learning the system. Practice on historical charts: 10 hours. Then start trading in real time with tiny positions. Then move up to full money management position sizes.
  • You also get core training videos on: Money Management, Position Sizing, How to Turn Your Trading into a Real Business, How to Systems Trade and Pitfalls to Avoid in Trading…


OX6.5 Systems Results Track Record: These are the system’s triggers results: entries, stop losses and exits. This means that if you would have followed the systems rules you could have had similar results over the period of time sampled below:

304 2011 2011 222
823 -58
202 108
254 -45
177 98
178 388
365 233
105 1000 1000 PIP RULE
268 -134
688 567
-133 411
368 97
187 114
546 33
-154 -208
-38 118
925 19
162 -144
588 310
429 224
-168 406
158 297
39 46
254 301
4 201
209  Dec 2011 68
Pips Total 145
98  Dec 2011
4915  Pips Total

EURUSD – Systems results producing 6,750 PIPS in one year with 84.62% winning – no joke.

W 22
L 4
T 26
W% 84.62%

GBPJPY – Systems results producing 4,915 pips in one year with 81.48% winning, really.

W 22
L 5
T 27
W% 81.48%
Forex System OX6.5 Home Study Course 1 Pay of $3997.00

n/a pulled – too powerful