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And that standard is that we build out Forex trading systems to “just work”. We all need systems that are clear cut, well defined, simple in approach. Once you’ve learned a system, tested it, practiced it you can grow to trust that trading system so you can simply trade that system. Once you can simply trade a good system correctly then you’ve arrived at a point of power. Cash flow and net worth building can potentially ensue.

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Secrets Tips for Making a Living Trading Forex:

  • Learn Forex well. Learn the potential. Learn about the pitfalls. Learn how to handle adversity and success well.
  • Avoid automated Forex trading until you’ve become a good trader yourself. Avoid the magic robots. Avoid the gimicks and focus in on trading Forex in a real, professional way.
  • Develop or purchase a good Forex trading system or a good Forex Trading Strategy
  • Practice that system, strategy. Keep records. Improve. Identify your mistakes made when reacting in real time.
  • Start with small money until you get used to trading a system real time. It usually takes about a month of correct trading before correct trading becomes a habit.
  • Advanced to a full money management position size.
  • Have fun and enjoy simply trading your simple system
  • Keep in mind that the power is in making Forex trading a near ‘mindless’ “success habit”. You want to non consciously, an definitely non emotionally place your simple system trades and let the system do it’s thing over time!