Forex Trading Strategies

Use One of Our Forex Trading Strategies to Help You Have a Plan for Pinpointing Great Trades with great Accuracy so You Can Line Up for the Big Score

Time Trading Machine Using Pinpoint time ratios in combination with other big move set up techniques to strike home run Forex trades with precision.
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 Forex Magical Moving Average Strategy. Unique moving average. Use to hone in an pin point fat home run trends. moreoptionssysteminfo Forex Trading Authority $997  buy-binary-options-trading-system
Fibonacci Magic  Fibonacci Strategy for pop moves and big cash grabs.moreoptionssysteminfo Forex Trading Authority $497  buy-binary-options-trading-system
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We have Forex trading strategies that are designed to take advantage of an optimized of that.

These are not trading systems these are strategies. What’s the difference? A trading system is a trading strategy done over and over without optimization. Every time the strategy setup comes up we wouldn’t trade it indiscriminately looking to net out profits through wins and losses. This strategy is something we used to find a high when he percentage you bet so we can hone in and trade potentially and hopefully more accurately. A trading strategy usually involves more engagement and thoughts in order to hit those big moves in potential big profits.

Why would you obtain a Forex trading strategy?

Well a lot of the most successful Forex traders that we know our strategy traitors. These are career traders who looked to hunt for the most optimal trading opportunity. The most profitable traders get organized and have the next great strategy possibility set up, ready to go when they are ready to trade. So they hit strategies across different Forex pairs when they become available. This means that they are looking for optimize set up over different Forex pairs if the different forest pairs are treating differently. So that the different price action will yield different optimize opportunities at different times.

Some Forex pros trade strategies to hit the big moves only, and that they would look to take out a bigger trends let’s say from a month to three months and maybe six months or more if the trend is strong enough. Other traders look to hone in on super high probability events that have higher winning percentages then take care of their position sizes and look to profit that way. And then others look to take a couple or more strategies and combine them together to help them pick a high percentage winner so that they can keep costs low and revenues high in their Forex trading business.

Regardless we have Forex strategies that have proven themselves over and over over the years. These would be a very valuable last set for you to have in your trading Arsenal. Because as you should know by now, once you become a winning trader in Forex your results can compound in a very dramatic way. In fact we have associates who have single-handedly turned their accounts from five figures into nine figures by strategy trading alone. So get started, add to your arsenal and let’s start catching up to those nine figure guys!

Forex Magical Moving Average Strategy

Did you know that you could simply focus on trading big moves only?  That you could potentially build a very large networth by only trading a few times a year?

Most think that ‘the harder they work the more money they make’ – but that’s not true AT ALL in trading!  And I know what I’m talking about.

Do less effort.  Use our Magical Moving Average Home Run Strategy course with exact entries and exits.  And trade the big 1000 pip+ types of moves only.  Stack a bunch of those over time and guess what happens to your trading account?!


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This is a strategy that uses the Fibonacci time series in a special way tell you coordinate the big home run turning points to an exact date. We combine the Fibonacci time indicator with other strategies to help you really pinpoint and hold down the big move. This is a very powerful course is not to be underestimated.

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The Fibonacci magic for extra and strategy is a very practical yet powerful trading strategy that combines a couple of factors with the Fibonacci retracement. Check out the details of this for ex strategy to see how you can add another web into your arsenal for Forex profits.