Hi and thank you for attending our webinar.  We really want you succeed badly.


How is this going to happen?  What do you need to do to ensure your success?


  1. Get started with our special offer below.  It needs to be purchased by midnight your time tonight.  If not then the bonuses will not be offered so be decisive if you know this is the right thing to do for you!
  2. Attack the system right away.  Watch the videos three times with a note pad.
  3. Start back testing the system your self
  4. Start “historical paper trading” by shoving the charts to the right to go back in time then use the right arrow key to move bar by bar and pretend, with your imagination, that you are in real time – and react to the changing price.  It’s genius and it works great for learning the system.
  5. This wont take very long.  So shortly after start trading with extra small positions, then graduate to normal money management positions.
  6. Force your self to trade right then after about a month you’ll have a habit of trading right – a new, very powerful success habit.
  7. Listen to the supporting education in the course on money management, growing a trading business, pitfalls to avoid and winning to help ensure your success.
  8. Email us your trading questions!  We want to make sure you’re going to succeed and potentially make a fortune!