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How Can Forex Trading AUTHORITY Help You?

We Have Created for You:  Exact, Solid Plans for Trading as a Business, Creating Your Own Forex or Currency Trading Business

This means you can learn one of our Forex trading systems or strategies and start trading right away putting yourself in a good, high probability position to win on every trade.


Our Forex Systems Can Also Be Used for Currency Futures and Other Futures Such as Index Futures & Commodity Futures

  • Learn powerful price action based trading systems that we developed for FOREX and Currency Futures.
  • Master these trading systems and develop powerful cash flow generation and net worth building skills for life.
  • Be able to be independent and work wherever you want, whenever you want. Be your own boss. Work from home.

The Forex Success Plan for Long Terms Durable and Ever Compounding Success:

  1. Learn Forex Trading
  2. Learn About You and Forex Trading: learn winning trading mindset, emotional management and acquire Forex trading success habits to put yourself on the path to winning on average.
  3. Learn, Practice, Install into yourself an arsenal of Forex Strategies you can use on demand. Doing so will help keep you out of 'emotional sparked ideas' which always fail and get you into trouble. By having great trading ideas based on strategy always at hand you can put yourself in a position to win and net out profit most of the time (while helping you prevent "winging it" and "eating it")
  4. Become systematic. All in all, reducing your trading to simple cerebral decisions is highly efficient. Systematic Forex trading is arguably the most solid way to trade and most powerful. By being systematic you can much more easily put yourself into position for compounding your account over time. Compounding profit is the most powerful thing you can do in trading and investing.
  5. Automate when you can. There are Forex signal services and automated Forex trading means such as coding your own Forex systems that can be great once you figure out the details. Push automation when you can and increase your Forex trading power in the process.

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Big Trend Big Money Small Account to Massive Account Method - Free Webinar

Learn How to Make Your Forex Trading MUCH Easier

Secrets to the "Way of the Turtles" that will Free You from the Feeling of Having to Chase Money

This webinar maybe the best thing to ever happen in your trading. Break the holds over you so you can move unto towards trading victory.  There is a reason a Market Wizard became a Market Wizard and as you can read, the reason certainly wasn't luck.  Once you "get" this secret wisdom you will be set free to not be seduced, or sucked into the market place  (the market place that wants to take all of your money) "black hole vortex".  And  you will be set free to capture big move after big move, netting out profit, stacking that profit, compounding that profit as the Market Wizards did and do.

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Welcome to Forex Trading AUTHORITY.  We specialize in price action trading with mostly manual based Forex trading systems and Forex Strategies. 

We feel that we can help make some traders successful in Forex if not very successful  through our trading philosophies and business like approach to Forex trading.  We can also help you with winning psychology and winning logic in trading.

We created Forex Trading AUTHORITY to help some who want to solve their Forex trading problems and learn to potentially trade Forex for a Living really good living.

Did you know that there are ultra successful work from home Forex traders out there?  For example, a friend of a friend just broke a BILLION dollars trading his own money, starting with approximately $40,000 in only a couple, few years.  Another guy turned about $150,000,000 from a similar starting amount. Now that's inspiration!  Their achievements give us new vision for new goals!

These guys were super focused.  They learned to strategy trade Forex and combine those strategies to trade Forex systematically.   They learned how to get on the right side of the Forex markets.  They identified mentally and emotionally that con game the markets always tries to play with us if we let ourselves get sucked in, by hypnotic price action.

Before I forget please sign up for our newsletter.  Tell me your story as well, what you want to accomplish in Forex trading - if anything were possible at all.  I want you to define what you want out of Forex and send it to me. Let's get working on a plan for you personally!  You can do so from our contact form or by responding to one of our emails.

Also let us know what you are looking for.  We probably have a match for you on this site or another site or in our treasure chest of trading systems.

Forex Trading AUTHORITY is a collection of Forex trading products designed to help people become successful in Forex trading.    You can piggyback our knowledge, 30 years of trading, investing, systems development experience worth, and use our special insight for short cutting your way to success in Forex trading, short cutting your way to finding your style, your way that will take you to your lofty trading goals, all the way...

Just Say No to Forex Trading Nonsense and Learn to Trade Forex for Real

I'm sure you've come across a lot of nonsense in the world Forex trading. I've seen a lot of garbage out there that seems like the greatest thing since the toaster was invented. A lot of marketers got their grubby paws all over the Forex market confusing and conning people into Forex misery. And what a shame it is...

Why is this such a shame? Because Forex now offers the globe an easy way into currency futures, but with more leverage. Forex allows a user to grow a big account from a small amount.  Forex offers really good price action trading opportunity, price action that has an affinity to obeying technical indicators, ratios, support and resistance points etc... What this means is that we have an EDGE for trading when trading Forex. And having a somewhat consistent edge only, is all we need in combination with a standard money management position sizing system to make a potential fortune over time as many have already.

Unfortunately most aspiring Forex traders have gotten their brains fried from a bunch of nonsense marketers and now look for extreme numbers, if not 110% winning if they could find it.  Those who do not make much money in trading often get caught chasing higher and higher winning percentage.  Winning traders focus on what kinds of systems can solidly net out a profit.

For the next step just sign up on our Free Forex newsletter. Through it we'll teach you how to get a professional, business mindset for trading Forex.  We'll teach you how you could potentially take a small amount of money and turn it methodically into a large amount of money.  We'll show you about some amazing Forex trading systems and strategies.

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In the mean time please start browsing through our products. Here are some of our: Forex systems, and  Forex Strategies

Here's a collection of Forex systems, Forex strategies, Forex signals and Forex courses. We are continually updating any creating new products to help us all trade Forex better.

In order to stay up-to-date on what we're working on please join our Forex Trading Mastery Newsletter on this page and stay on the newsletter. This will be a very beneficial newsletter that will help you trade Forex better. Plus we'll explain our various products and new discoveries.

Why do we make so many products? Well it's about the emotional/mental approach in trading. Different people like different methods of trading. Different systems fit better two different lifestyles. Some want to trade in under five minutes a night. Someone to trade an hour today. Someone to trade all day long. Some like certain styles because it make you feel more comfortable.Ultimately you need to find something that makes you feel good while trading.

Why is that ? Because you need your heart soul and mind to harmonize in order to keep your subconscious on your side. If you get your subconscious against you you will fail in trading.

Why's that? Because if you are stressing yourself out your causing your body harm. Because your body is in harm your subconscious will take over as an automatic survival response and try to get you out of that stress, harmful situation. If you've ever done much trading you'll know what I'm talking about. So therefore you need to find the way of trading that makes you feel good, it makes you feel happy – the way of trading that will make you excited about waking up every morning and going into the markets.

And on that note some of our most successful students have bought most of not everything we've had in a couple of going on to seven figures as they claim because they finally found the style that made them feel good about their trading (or created a new way of trading after learning how to trade well from our systems and strategies.)

Now the question is what's the exact strategy to get there? Are you going to daytrade? Are you going to swing trade? Are you going to Trend trade to $1 million?You need to know your strategy or your trading system well ahead of time.

You need to be at the correctly anticipate your entries to be well prepared to strike when you must strike. More importantly you need to be able to get out when you need to get out. You can't let emotions get the best of you and stay in a losing trade, especially in Forex. You also must know your profit-taking exit ahead of time.

And most importantly you need to know your personal average winning percentage with a system, your risk to reward per trade and risk to reward over all of your trades.  Is your system streaky or is it pretty well balanced with wins and losses.  Because you don't want to start trading right into a losing streak, which is likely what you'll be drawn towards if you are emotional at all about your trading venture.

So what's your strategy? What your plan? Well we devised several strategies, Forex systems and Forex plans here on Forex Trading AUTHORITY to help you shortcut a lot of time and avoid pitfalls in strategizing your master plan.

You're going to need to understand what happens, or what to do if you start out losing. This is called drawdown in your Forex trading system or Forex trading plan. Do you stick to the plan? Maybe you messed up?  Well alternately you need to think your plan out, through every angle before you get started. And sometimes if you don't have trading experience you could miss a couple few things.  What if you screw up and don't take profits when you're supposed to you? What do you do if you blow your stoploss? You're going to have to learn how to trade a system correctly.

You have to learn to submit to the trading system for maximum success and I can teach you how to do that. We all are going to struggle in submitting to the trading system. Why is that usually? That usually happens due to lack experienced  with your system or lack of trust in your trading system.  So you need to study quite a bit historically to have good confidence in your trading system.

In order to get that million dollar mark you're going to have to have what's called "positive expectation". What is that? That's the expectation, the belief that you can't actually hit that million-dollar mark. I know this may sound strange especially coming from a systems developer but you really need to have your mind set on what you want to have happen in trading otherwise you usually get what you are thinking about or what you want in trading. Yes this is kind a like that "manifestation thinking".

Now I'm not trying to go to self-helpy here but in trading, it's amazing how things happen.  It's amazing how your mind mixed with emotions manifest in your trading. You really need to work hard on defining what you want from trading.  You really need to visualize it and believe that it is yours.

Money Management:

There is NO trading set up at all that will allow you to break money-management rules and "load the boat" with an oversized money management position trade. The secret in Forex trading is to take a method that has a good average of profitability. This average can met out profit over time. That is your best bet to hitting the million dollar mark. Do not chase after a system that you think will win 100% the time. That is foolish and you will lose. And that can't even work in the marketplace.

If there were such a strategy that 100% a time the marketplace would fall apart and you would have no opportunity at all. So stop chasing hundred percent winning.So therefore you need to obtain a Forex strategy or a Forex system that can met out profits over time. Now out means you have costs that are less then revenues. Whereas the difference means that you have profit. When your revenues are greater than your cost you have a net profit. This is business. You must trade as a business.

If you don't trade as a business you're you will likely stumble. So now you look to find a method that you can simply do over and over without much thinking and collect a net profit over time. This is called a Forex trading system!So are you catching my drift?

You need a way that can NET out profits even if you only have a year to make your million dollar mark. You're going and then have to develop a money management system to fit that goal the million dollars. And you are going to have to understand your drawdown risk with that system – this means that when your system starts losing money for a period that you can cover it.You need to know your math. You need to know your numbers. And you need to know your system or strategy.

Therefore you better get started studying some good Forex trading systems and Forex trading strategies. Get to know the ins and outs and start testing your system. Your going to have to get to the point where you trust your system because that's your plan. In order to become successful you must have a plan and then execute the plan. If you make oversights you can adjust but just don't adjust in the middle of a trade.

So it's time to get on the right track in your Forex trading.  Take a massive short cut in time and potentially save a ton of money vs. winging it in your trading with one of our Forex trading systems or Forex trading strategies: Click for the next step:

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