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We are managing for Forex Trading AUTHORITY are you many Forex trading product opportunity promotions.

  • Commissions are paid monthly
  • Usually there's a 40%/10% first tier, second tier on most products.  Since many of our Products are higher ticket this could become lucrative for you. Also don't overlook the recruiting of other affiliates whereas you can collect passive 10% of all their sales! (not 10% of their commissions – Other sales!)
  • We will work with you to figure out optimal conversion. So therefore from your tests you can tell us things and we can get them done so you can make more money
  • When you register below we will focus on presenting you are various Forex related products. After that we will present many other trading products so you can monetize your lists even further
  • We'll wire you weekly your pay once your get past $15,000 a month in commissions.
  •  We can show you conversion tactics to help you make more sales.  Right off the bat reviews in presale, Advertorial stop ages tend to work well.  Also developing your own list and developing relationship with your subscribers works well.  And good old-fashioned direct sales by phone works the best! So if you want to get up to five, six, seven figures commissions figure out how to use the phone!  Just always keep in mind never to make future performance or income promises and you should be fine, legally speaking.

We currently are using a 2 tier structure of 40% and 10% 2nd Tier on all products unless otherwise noted.  This means on our systems you can make big money per sale.  So if a system sells for $2,997 you can make $1,198.80.  In Forex the volume is there to sell several of these a day.  And remember the keyword here is SELL! Sell as a verb!

Also let's say you recruit 20 affiliates and their volume got up to $100,000 a month in sales.  Well you'd be making a fool $10,000 a month passively.  For some of you who do not have a lot of fun you may want to look into doing this.

You get 50% residual for life of the subscriber on any subscriptions.

Our aMember membership manager, product manager script locks in your visitors for life.  So if they even fill out a form (without even purchasing!) once - you get future commissions on all of their purchases!

How do you sell several $3,000 systems a day?  Idea:  1. generate leads with phone numbers or put a phone number on your site.  2. Call the inquiry and sell them, sign them up yourself.  If you need help regarding this setup hit the contact link on this site.  (Please break up the word "affiliate" into "affil*iate" or our mail filters tend to block).   Do not underestimate the use of the phone.  Just make sure you do not make any income promises, guarantees of future results or even money back guarantees of their purchase because there are none on system purchases.

Register Below Per Product to Access Your Affiliate Link.  I have tested the affiliate program on the aMember membership management script.  It works in tracking and with rebills (for 2 pays and memberships, signal services)

You also get access to sell our Binary Options Products, Vanilla Options Products and Futures Products.

Note!   You’ll see lots of products of ours – ALL very POWERFUL products for your promotion and conversion efforts.  We are continually adding new, powerful products so please check our list.

If you are good at selling, collecting phone leads, getting on the phone and actually selling you could make a FORTUNE selling our high ticket trading systems.  Start of by selling the Binary Pro Systems and the Options Trading Systems such as:  Options Weekly Paychecks, RightSide Trading System, SlingShot3.0 and STACKERS3.0.  FOCUS and make a fortune.  These are very good systems and we have many successful customers from these systems.  But remember – you need to sell, close these people for these high ticket items.  Contact us if you have any questions.

NOTE - some initial rules to know before you dive in:  On trading systems we do NOT offer money back guarantees.  Do not make any hint of a promise of future performance.  You can only talk of past performance.  All systems performances to be treated as hypothetical whether it was a systems results based on rules or an actual trading account. Past performance is not necessarily a indicative of future results...    So do not promise money back guarantees or we will remove you from the affiliate system.   You do not want those types of people buying high ticket systems.  You will waste your time because those type of ‘guarantee’ seeking people tend to be losers and cheats and just want something for nothing.  They’ll try anything to get a refund and you won’t get a commission for your efforts.

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