Forex Trading Systems, Strategies and Courses FAQ


  1. What Exactly Am I Buying?     All systems are home study courses with videos, pdf and sometimes audios unless otherwise indicated.  So if a products is software, or is a ‘platform’ or is an automated trading system, MT4 advisor, Forex robot etc etc… it will be indicated
  2. How Do I Know When You’re Releasing New Stuff and Having New Breakthroughs?   We have many trading products in development for the purpose of making great product breakthroughs, new inventions and ways to actually and factually help YOU as a trader but you need to join our newsletter and stay on it to hear about our new products breakthrough announcements.
  3. Why are you doing this site?  Making products, systems for you elevates our minds to new levels and we make new discoveries through the process for one reason or another.  The other is that we want to help a few people learn how to trade Forex in a real, professional way so they too can trade Forex for a potential very good living. Forex is open to the world so it gives us an opportunity to enrich and experience the planet.
  4. How do I start winning in Forex?   You need the right mentality of winning.  You need simplicity.  You need a trading system.  You need a money management system.  You need to make doing all of this a success habit where you are doing the right things that make money, as a habit.
  5. How do I know your systems aren’t a scam?  I would say probably by the way we present them to you.  We don’t use ‘master hypnotic marketing techniques’ and we are straight forward with what our systems have done.   You can verify the results of each system record after you know the system.
    We’ve found that many over time have been seduced in the past by slick sales letters of ‘Forex marketers’ who conned these folks into some dreamy idea that Forex will solve all their life’s problems, cure cancer, make them have super powers, fly, be adored by the masses, increase their s-x life, make them better looking, have 110% winning and make them a billion dollars without even logging in to look at their purchase… It’s insane but those mystical marketers have magic powers over some people.  Hopefully you didn’t get caught in their spell.  Otherwise no system ever can guarantee future performance but some can put you in a great position based on solid fundamentals of market price behavior to be successful over time.
  6. What kinds of Forex systems and strategies do you sell?  We sell systems based on 4 different philosophies:  1. “Trading for a Good Living” – which looks to trade super solid price scenarios that have stood the test of time for the sake of netting out profits in a non thinking way 2. “Hunter Speculator” – more strategy based, hunting, stalking the next super solid big move 3. “JackPOT Trading” – ‘rolling the dice’ on high probability easy trade setups with position sizing math  4. “Stupid Simple” –
  7. Can I Make a Million or More Dollars with Your Systems?   Potentially yes.   We can’t guarantee you anything.  We can’t guarantee you future performance– You know how that goes… but our systems are solid enough to give you the potential to methodically grow your account overtime.