“The Forex Magical Moving Average That Could Make You Forex Rich…”

Will You Be the One to Actually Follow the Plan and Make It Happen, Make Hitting Home Run After Home Run Happen That Is…

New Forex “MMA” is  a HOME RUN Strategy home study course that will teach you how to hone in and optimize for big trend moves in Forex with a very good degree of accuracy.

Yes. This strategy has now been enhanced.  We’ve let some very powerful secrets ‘out of the bag’.  You will be able to use this system to hone into exact homerun trades on purpose.  What’s a ‘home run trade’ ?  It’s a medium term trend that has the capacity to go 500, 1000 pips or more.  It’s not a mystery.  It happens all of the time – just go shrink up your Forex charts and see over the past several decades.

What is Forex Trend Trading Strategy MMA?

  • NEW:  now a home run strategy course.  The big money comes with trading the big trends.  But who knows exactly how to trade those big 1000 pip  + trends?  We do.  And FTA’s Magical Moving Average Strategy will teach you exactly when to get in and when to get out.
  • Be able to line up big trend after big trend
  • Compound your earnings with a special Forex money management system
  • Get into the home run trading mindset – which from my experience, is one of the most profitable ways to go.  Home run thinking has done more to advance my account size vs. any other means.

Did You Know that the Big Money that Big Traders Make is in the Medium Term Trend?

What’s a medium term trend?  It’s usually a 3 to 6 month trend.  Some time this trend explodes all at once in about a month, some times this trend elongates into 6 to 12 months plus.  Regardless, trade less, trade right and trade for the big move and you’ll align your self with some of the biggest wealth builders of all time.

Come on, do you really think you’re going to hit 7, 8, 9 figures by day trading only?  It’s just too much work, strain and stress.

Notice how many 1,000 pip moves you see here on the EURUSD (and this isn’t even the GBPJPY!).  If you’re sporting 100:1 leverage where $1000 can turn into $10,000 through a 1,000 pip run – then what the heck!  Why aren’t you focusing in on these moves that happen so frequently, over and over!!

You Can Do It if You Can Settle Down into the Pace of the “Home Run Frame of Mind”

You can’t be desperate for money to make money. If you trade to big, or if your account size is too small while trying to trade big boy contracts, you’re setting your self up for failure.

Sorry, I’ve seen just about everything in over 27 years in the market and scared, desperate or ‘greedy’ trading  just never works out.  And what I’m mostly talking about is trying to make too much money too quickly.  You go into day trading trying to ‘get rich fast’.

And my message to you today is that you CAN, yes you CAN get rich as many have before in Forex, (I believe you can) but in order to do so you’re just going to have to slow down, look at the bigger picture, as many other pros will tell you.  (shoot ask Warren Buffet his opinion about this!)

Big money is made in the big moves over time.  In today’s world people are conned into being “busy”, running around in circles, ‘chasing their tails’, without accomplishing very much.

Those who have experienced other generations before the smart phones, social media nonsense and even the Internet were able to gain a proper perspective of time and big opportunity.  They were able to have a longer term outlook

Forex Magical Moving Average Home Run Trading Strategy, System is $1,997