Hit Mega Trends in Forex with Pin Point Accuracy Claiming Big Move After Big Move for STACKING Net worth Into Your Trading Accounts

A Rail Gun in an ultra powerful highly accurate gun developed from “star wars” SDI nuclear missile defense system (that we never should have stopped building) that launches a projectile with electromagnets at incredible speeds, MACH7, and whollups a target with pin point accuracy and clean, explosive force100 miles away. The force upon impact of a rail gun projectile is 33 Mega-joules which is the equivalent of 33 one ton cars smashing into a single point all going 100 miles per hour! The weapon is clean, clean strike, low cost, highly effective and very powerful. And that pretty much describes our new STACKERS RailGunFX Strategy!

  • Take any Forex pair you like to trade
  • Use a modified version of STACKERS in combination with some our pin point and entry magic and WHAM you have a high winning percentage mega trend possibility

  How Accurate Is this Forex Trend Trading Strategy?

This strategy is up to 90% winning and even up to 100% winning for a periods of faster price action. Sometimes a wiggle will stop us out and we re enter. Some times a trend starts then fails and reverses. Our risk is very exact, relatively small set by our stop losses pip wise.

What about bigger moves than 1000 pips, can we hit them with this strategy? Yes, when the markets are fast enough.

Here is a continuous taking every trade run on GBPJPY since 2012 to near end of 2014








+ open position +1300 pips at time of this typing

Those are not cherry picked trades. Those are all the trades running STACKERS RailGunFX since 2012 through 2014. It is what it is. This means that although those results look like they’re optimized they’re not. Just wanted to clarify because those results awfully good!

What Makes This Trend Trading Strategy Special?

What is this?

  • This is a home study course. Not money wasting robot software
  • Learn to trade like a real trader who actually make money
  • This will give you a strategy that you use with your price charts. You can even use MT4 or MT5
  • We give you the entries, exits and profit taking exits – everything is exact.
  • We give you a money management system for compounding Forex properly.

So the question is you have to ask yourself: how much longer are you going to keep letting trend after trend after trend pass you by?

What’s been holding you back? Are you trying to perfect something else? Is there something mediocre tying you up?

If so understand that mediocre trivial things occupy most of our time and distract us from the true home run opportunities. Hitting it big requires “faith” and “trust” two of the most “scary” words for us humans. But hey, to get over that, start small! Just start small and then you’ll build up your faith and trust in order to hit the home runs you want and deserve.

Understand that there are many tricks and traps in life that try and distract our focus off the home run. Everyone despises those who are “cowards” who don’t go for what they want, command it, grab it. Have you noticed this? I have!

And everyone appreciates someone who will drop, ignore negativity, petty things and go for the great things of life. If you are getting bogged down in trying to perfect, micro manage every little thing, then stop, get a little messy and start going for home runs! Live! You’ll feel much better about yourself. You’ll feel smarter. And you’ll have a satisfaction of doing something that matters. Besides, going for home runs is the way of Warren buffet in George Soros– I would start studying them more if I were you.

One time fee of $5795 Special Launch Price: $1997.00