Powerful New Forex Strategy Let’s You Pin Point a Profit Range of Points and Enter with PRECISION Accuracy

ALWAYS Have Opportunity to Trade Big Swings and Trends in Forex with the RangeSTACK Strategy to Claim a Big Move with Purpose, Line Up a Big Score When You Need It

Some Specs on STACKHAMMER FX Power System and How You Can Use it as a Power Trading Tool

  • Find secret support and resistance blocks right on price charts with our new strategy
  • Line up the size of move you want to trade!
  • Hey 500 pips moves are pretty good. And they are REALLY good when you can target with surety and confidence of a High Probability deal.
  • Just 10 contracts pull in $50,000 on a 500 pip move. And the key is you can line these types of trade up over and over again.
  • Work with the character of price action of the Forex pair.
  • Read the “tea leaves” of the price charts and “predict” the future with a very good probability of hitting a great move.
  • Know your exact entries and exact profit taking target spots. There is total clarity on the entry, stop loss and profit taking mechanisms.

You’ll start to see price action on the Forex charts in an entirely different way. All of a sudden, what once looked like spastic random seismograph now turns into a money Road Map showing you exactly what the Forex pair is doing! It’s kinda freaky actually how you’ll now be able to see to a new level of Forex Price Action DNA Level!

What is this exactly?

This is a strategy. You can trade it systematically if you want. But a strategy, as we define it is a specific entry and exit mechanism based on price charts. This is a home study course. It’s not a robot or software – those won’t make you any big money. And to reiterate we are focused on hitting big scores with this strategy on purpose.

You can take this strategy to aim for the best trades only. You don’t have to take every trade as you would in a system. This allows you to be very protective of your capital which is prudent to do especially if you are just starting out in Forex trading.

“Range Trading At Will” – STACKHAMMER and Can Stack a LOT of Profit Point Mileage into Your Trading Account

Pin point recurring range and pin point trading opportunities whenever you want.

  • Amazing strategy that will continue to amaze you
  • There are many ranges and variations to trade, not to confuse but to bring you opportunity without having to wait too long.
  • Stack layer up on layer of pip moves compounding to potential powerful returns
  • Use as a strategy to pin point the best opportunities
  • Have an exact plan for entries, stop losses and profit taking exits. Have actual profit targets
  • Take advantange of unique, interested price action phenomenon in the markets

Performance example:

STACKHAMMER Forex Strategy is a strategy wield around that will. You point it to where you want it to go. Here is an example below. We define our STACKERS based strategy parameters then we have our potential moneymaker trading setups.

The nice thing about this Forex strategy is that it tends to be very accurate, but with accuracy that gives you an actual profit target. So you’ll know approximately how much you could make with each trade. Having the ability to know your profit exit point before you enter enter makes a big difference in your trading. Once you know that price is magnetized to go to your profit taking exit point then you’ll tend to be able to trade with more confidence and more aggression.

1320 4 Months of trading July14-Nov14