Forex MUNITION Forex Day Trading System

Forex MUNITION Forex Day Trading System put the powerful new element in play that we have released to you to help you intentionally dominate Forex intraday Trading.

We use a special method of determining when high momentum moves make the shift. Then we in can we use a special type of profit-taking mechanism to maximize out profits that fits quite well using five minute bars here on our intraday Trading.

What is Forex MUNITION Forex Day Trading System?

  • This is a home study course that teaches you how to trade the system so you own this as a school for life. This course, this is talk to you through a set of online videos that you’ll be able to access and your members area. This is not software.
  • This is a day trading system or we look to use five-minute bars. You can trade any minute bars you want. But below are results based on 5 minute bars which usually provide a good solid opportunity.
  • You can also use Forex MUNITION Forex Day Trading System as a strategy. It’s a very solid whereas you can use this as a strategy and all the positive factors to go in and Target only the most Choice opportunities for the biggest profits once you get good at using this system.

System Performance Results

As you can see below we show you a performance sample of the system. The performance samples is based on the system rules to most accurately depict what you would be buying.

We look to trade between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Eastern time. That said you are not limited to that time at all. Trade whenever you want at a time that works best for your favorite Forex pair, at a decent momentum period so you can capture it that nice juicy momentum.

For trading 5 hours a day, 47.4 pips on a slow moving pair is quite good.  If one can achieve this in their own trading then in order to make more money you would simple add more contracts over time as one’s account grows.

But if you have a solid system that you can depend on then that’s all you need to grow to a very large trading account that has the capacity to generate incredible  cash flow!

28-Sep 9 16 22 47
14 28 -8 24 58
30-Sep 35 17 7 59
-8 20 8 20
6 -8 14 48 -7 53
Total 237
Pips Per Day Average 47.4

So for 20 days a month trading a 47.4 pips per day average equates to 948 pips a month average.