Forex FLASH is a Powerful Proven Forex Swing Trading System that Has Stood the Test of Time and is Ready for You to Apply as a Potential Net Worth Builder

Forex FLASH is a stalwart Forex Trading System that has stood the test of time and that’s a very good thing in the world of trading systems!

This Forex trading system is a swing trading system. But it’s not just the swing trading system it’s a high velocity swing trading system. This system was originally designed to trade options and options need speed of their due to time decay factors. So ultimately, who doesn’t like making money, potentially, fast? So we tested this out on Forex many years ago and it worked quite well as you can see from the results below.

Trade Forex FLASH in 10 Minutes a Night or Less

This Forex trading system trades day bars. It is designed to take trades overnight. You do not have to watch the trade all day and all night. All entries and exits including stop losses and profit-taking exits are preset or rather set the night before.

Check out the results below and notice how the profits and losses ebb and flow. Understand that there will be fast periods and Slow periods. But you can’t get bored during the slow periods and ignore or not pay attention because if you do you miss the fast periods. You just need to simply, mindlessly plug away at the system and then a potential fortune overtime could be yours. That’s how potential millions, and billions are made by trading systems.

Learn to Become a Good Forex Systems Trader!

In order to trade a Forex trading system well you simply going to have to learn the system, practice the system, and get good at trading the system. Then from there it’s just a simple mindless execution of the trading roles in combination with paying attention for the time required. In this case 10 minutes a night will be all you need in terms of how much you have to watch your position.

Please see our Forex FLASH systems results below.

These are the systems signals you would have had if you had the system.

This is a day bar system. Your results should have been similar if you would have taken the systems trades as the system rules said over that time period. Due to our use of day bars and entry buffers stops to enter, stops to trail and stops to close your actual results should have not had much discrepancy in real time vs. the systems results seen below.

What you get with Forex FLASH

  • You get a home study course of videos and PDFs. This is not software or a ‘robot’ – or any nonsense like that.
  • This is a Forex Swing Trading System – using NO indicators – all you need are price charts and end of day Forex charts.
  • This is a solid system that has been churning for years.
  • The system trades in under 10 minutes a day.
  • Takes advantage of sling momentum. Look to simply NET out by doing the deals over and over with no extra thought about it.
  • No indicators are used. You just need your real time charts and a Forex broker.
  • This is a TRADING SYSTEM. This means that “thinking” has already been prefigured for you. All you need to do is operate the system rules. Simply do the deals and don’t try to “optimize” the system. Keep your money management position sizes. Losing traders go for 100% winning. Wake up. Stop over leveraging. Start getting real about trading.
  • Learning curve? 2 Hours of learning the system. Practice on historical charts: 2 hours. Then start trading in real time with tiny positions. Then move up to full money management position sizes. This system is quite simple and easy to digest
  • You also get core training videos on: Money Management, Position Sizing, How to Turn Your Trading into a Real Business, How to Systems Trade and Pitfalls to Avoid in Trading…

Forex FLASH Systems Results Track Record:

These are the system’s triggers results:  entries, stop losses and exits.  This means that if you would have followed the systems rules you could have had similar results over the period of time sampled below:

416 Jan-11 -168 JAN
-19 283
-187 381
-90 -157
-106 92
140 121
148 -48
79 103
-90 -44
1000 203
664 32 MAR
-151 178
141 67
-186 290
-166 -58
-146 -67
-161 28
238 -43
232 178
-7 271
24 176
-112 168
-54 71
-87 -73 APR
136 -76
-32 135
-144 67
153 48
-23 -128
52 138
91 488
110 493
78 -48
483 26
482 436
390 216
464 42
138 -69
142 171
-18 152
44 -32
193 201
140 412
-175 38
191 -44
148 187
136 -168
184 -189
350 34
412 -177
396 -80
19 233
4 228
-105 34
51 -65
38 -188
9 -167
90 -54
68 113
72 118
-11 332
154 28
154 -89
-87 Dec-11 -158
6497 Pips Total  -147
76 Dec-11
4552 Pips Total
Forex FLASH Forex Trading System Home Study Course 1 Pay of $2997.00