“How Much Money Would You Make if You Were Able to Produce 16,257 Pips Profit in a Year?”

See the systems results below on EURUSD and GBPJPY.    This Forex system is quite powerful.   As per the results below keep in mind this system could potentially make many more pips in a Forex pair in a more active  year.

Monster Forex Trend Trading System FLUX2 Romps Through the Forex Markets with a Time Tested Trading System Set of Mechanisms Designed with the Intent of “Just Working”, Now and Forever.

This system was designed to do so, with this specific intent in mind, on purpose.  We made this system for the purpose of bringing about a prolific amount of pip stacking trades on purpose!  Enjoy this system while you have access to it as we may actually take it down, retiring it to our own trading companies only.

Super Solid System Forex FLUX now FLUX2 with Clustering Has Been a Stalwart Trading System of the Past Many Decades!

Now I can’t make you any promises in trading in the market because promises and ‘guarantees’ don’t work in the markets, psychologically  trader mindset speaking,  but this system has proven its self over and over and over again, year after year, decade after decade. So… what do you do with a system like that? You trade the TAR out of it!

In fact history of the FLUX2 trading underlying strategy goes back decades and even up to 100 years of price data as a solid performer. When you have something solid, something that can potentially and reliably produced solid returns you simply have to trade it.

If you’re looking for a long term potential winning Forex trading system which you can sink your teeth into, something that can answer your exasperated statement of “Just give me something that works”, something in which you can trust  by blindly following systems rules for a potential very significant returns then FLUX2 is it.

What is Forex FLUX2?

  • This is a Forex trading system that can be run as a system or as an optimized strategy if you so desire. If you run this as a strategy you can combine other elements to try and optimize  for your killer homerun trade.  A system means that you just take every trade setup without trying to guess in real time.
  • What is clustering or the  Cluster FLUX2?  Is a special way of taking advantage of a trend in Forex. this system has the ability to maximize trends. When we get a trend, a big Forex trend we really need to milk it for all it’s worth. This system does this is a very special way and is done so consistently over the years, decades.
  • Bottom line is that you can see for the results below. This system is extremely powerful. I’m not quite even sure why were selling it, it’s that good.
  • I know you seen a lot of garbage in the past in the Forex markets by crazy marketers but when you deal with Forex Trading AUTHORITY you get real stuff that works.  And if you do ever have any sort of problem we’ll help you fix it or get you a new solution.  That said you’re not going to have any problems here. Join the ranks of my many students who claim to have made six and seven figures from my systems and strategies. I don’t see why you couldn’t have that kind of success as well or more.
  • Now imagine knowing what to do exactly every day in your Forex trading. Now you can trade masterfully and under 10 minutes a day.  Imagine finally having an EXACT go to plan (instead of fooling around buying more and more robots…)!

Forex FLUX2 Track Record of Systems Results Performance Sample.

See how the system ebbs and flows.  It takes less than 10 minutes a night to trade this system.  The key to success is simply executing the system trades as a habit, while not trying to guess which one maybe better than the other. Besides any emotionally inspired guess is bound to be wrong so that’s why we develop systems.   Repeated numbers below are not errors they are actual trades part of the system rules with our special method of swing clustering. .

Also remember you’re to be only putting a small fractional position size of your trading account value for each trade. With a proper money-management so you can potentially make more money, it’s not designed to inhibit you as some may think! . So don’t worry about the stacked trades as you see below they are part of the system and it has worked very, very well.

 Jan 2011 Jan-11 9-Sep
247 387 303
247 46 -123
-135 77 157
-135 77 23
143 -58 56
52 131 703
11 77 -18
-152 77 322
143 131 721
143 1000 688
-5 1000 -287
-5 1000 Not a typo. part of trend stacking method 67
-5 911 -144
130 743 51
130 485 -138
-30 485 857
-30 485 857
562 226 904
562 241 904
-131 -78 -158
-131 -147 23
23 174 68
-147 -94 68
-172 -86 68
-39 -88 48
71 -124 48
-144 -112 266
887 522 266
856 386 266
689 254 266
689 221 266
388 513 313
103 526 313
103 526 74
-156 529 74
-233 323 74
-289 21 74
38 -131 74
-89 -75 -7
413 304 -7
308 156 -7
145 114 -7
145 -7 -7
-68 Jan-12 -23 Jan-12 -7
5132   Total Pips 11125   Total Pips 423
408 1 Year 3 months
408 Dec-10
14,970 Total Pips

So in summary:  EURUSD made 14,970 Pips with FLUX2 Forex Trading System in 1 year three months.  GBPUSD made 5,132 in One Year and GBPJPY made 11,125 pips in one year.

Okay so now you seen the performance record and now you know what the system is all about. But if you stuff questions make sure you contact us and ask. You do not want to go and leave this site and miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

What if this works for you?   How would you feel?  What would you do if you were successfully building cash flow and net worth as FLUX2’s track record represents?  You need to start considering the possibilities…

In my opinion that’s that not even a question with this system. But what if this works? What if you could produce 16,000 Pips a year? We’re going to teach you the money management system.  And to teach you how to avoid silly or hidden pitfalls. We’re also going to teach you how to trade the system right. And so when I get you on the right track to be nailed it trade the system well and keep building potential net worth over time in a methodical way.

You don’t need to be scared either. You do not have to start with big positions. Why not just start with demo trading until you get a good feel of how to trade the system and how the system works and feels!  That will help get you in the habit of executing the system correctly. Then start with tiny positions and get used to trading real money in a small way so you become comfortable with the system.  Once you are comfortable, presto.  Then graduate to full position sizes as determined by your money management system.

So take action!  Make it happen.  Add some serious trading power to your trading arsenal.   The only loss I see here for you is that if you miss out. I am 100% confident that if you simply learn the system and practice the system you will be in position to do very well over time in your Forex trading.  Don’t miss out !  Click the add to cart button below and let’s get started.  Contact us for questions!

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