Forex Power Trend Trading System for Targeting 2 to 4 Week Power Moves!

JackPOT Forex Trading System is a Power Trend Trading System Based on the “JackPOT” Trading Philosophy that helps enable you to trade a trading system better.

The “JackPOT” Trading Philosophy may sound “bad” but it’s actually very good.  The philosophy triggers correct trading psychology which helps us get on the right side of the markets mentally and emotionally.   This is massive.  Because even if you had the greatest trading system in the world and you can get your self to enter and exit by the rules with the right position size then, well, you’re not going to make it happen!You can force good trading psychology.

You can’t use your ‘will power’ to trade well.

That simply will not last.In order to trade well you’ll have to relax into trading well, accept the step by step methodical process and enjoy trading well.Now what if you had a trading system that could help you trade correctly, encouraging you to trade the system and do all the rules correctly (which you may have had a hard time doing in the past) that is emotionally fun, emotionally rewarding to trade?

Well I present you today with JackPOT Forex!Check out a sample of the systems results   These are the entries and exit net profit or loss obtained from following the entry and exit rules exactly.

Trade A Trade B
632 2011 210
-187 -147
1000 143
367 604
671 -167
213 -39
-132 11
171 88
-78 56
89 -57
-95 189
702 188
367 -108
338 211
-156 213
-138 Dec-11 166 Dec-11
77 2012 287
767 53
287 Mar-12 108
4895 Total Pips Trade A 2009 Total Pips Trade B 6904 Total Pips
Forex JackPOT Forex Trading System Home Study Course 1 Pay of $1997.00