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  1. The 6 Figure a Year Plan
  2. REPENTING Of Your Bad Forex Trading Habits – Did you know that you didn’t have to do some of the things that you do that cause you to lose money?  You have just been tricked. The tricking of you mostly occurs on the heart level.  Discover how to identify these tricks and program them out
  3. The Seven Figure Plan
  4. The 9 Figure Plan – you may think it sounds absurd but it’s not. Several have obtained it.  There are examples in the Book called the Market Wizards by Jack Schwagger.  We have modern-day examples as well, wear one trader even hit 10 figures starting from a grub stack of approximately $50,000
  5. The $1000 a Day Plan  – development plan to achieve this nice milestone. You’re not going to accidentally make this happen. You need an exact plan.  Let’s investigate how to do so.